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Referee Andre Marriner made the correct decision not to award Manchester United a penalty following Nacho Monreals challenge on Antonio Valencia. Thats the view of former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher, who says Marriner made the right call during Uniteds 1-1 draw with Arsenal on Saturday.We asked Gallagher to give his verdict on several of the weekends controversial incidents, including Callum Wilsons penalty appeal against Stoke and Virgil van Dijks shirt pull on Roberto Firmino at St Marys. W Brom vs Burnley November 21, 2016, 7:00pm Live on Get Sky Sports Get a Sky Sports pass MATCH: Stoke 0-1 Bournemouth, Premier League, SaturdayINCIDENT: No penalty for Bournemouth after Ryan Shawcross challenge on Callum Wilson Were Bournemouth denied a blatant penalty against Stoke? SCENARIO: Wilson is through on goal and brought down by Shawcross, but the Stoke defender is not penalised.DERMOTS VERDICT: Wrong decision.DERMOT SAYS: The only thing I can say here is the learning point for the referee is, if you miss something you miss it. Dont see something that didnt happen - hes pointed to the ball as if the defender got the ball, which he quite clearly didnt. Its stonewall, you will never see a clearer penalty.INCIDENT: No foul by Wilfried Bony Was Wilfried Bony lucky to avoid a red card against Bournemouth? SCENARIO: Bony is on a yellow card when he appears to go over the top of Simon Francis leg. The referee awards a drop ball after a conversation with the fourth official.DERMOTS VERDICT: Wrong decision.DERMOT SAYS: He awarded a drop ball because he doesnt think it is a foul - its definitely a foul. The referee hasnt seen it for whatever reason, but its definitely at least a second yellow card for Bony. It could well be serious foul play and a red card. It certainly wasnt an incident where the referee should be giving nothing.MATCH: Man Utd 1-1 Arsenal, Premier League, SaturdayINCIDENT: No penalty for Nacho Monreals challenge on Antonio Valencia Should Man Utd have had a penalty against Arsenal? SCENARIO: Valencia skips around Monreal and goes down in the penalty area, with the Arsenal defenders arm across his Manchester United opponent, but the referee does not award a spot-kick.DERMOTS VERDICT: Correct decision.DERMOT SAYS: I dont think it is a penalty. Monreal runs a risk by putting his arm out but Valencia is already on the way down. So many people looked at this on Saturday, some said yes, some said no, thats how tough this decision is. When that is the case, you have to support the referees call.INCIDENT: Matteo Darmian avoids second yellow card after challenge on Carl Jenkinson Should Matteo Darmian have been sent off against Arsenal? SCENARIO: Darmian had already been booked when he went in late on Jenkinson on the touchline. The referee gave a free-kick but did not issue a second yellow card.DERMOTS VERDICT: Wrong decision initially, but correct decision overall.DERMOT SAYS: I think the referee makes his mistake by booking Darmian for the first challenge on Theo Walcott, I dont think it is a yellow card. Whether later he then thinks Ive been too harsh, I dont know, but for me the second challenge (on Jenkinson) is a yellow card. In isolation its a booking, but I think he may have thought, Im going to have to send him off for two yellow cards and one wasnt. When you look at them together, hes got the right outcome as Darmian stays on the pitch. Overall, he got it right.MATCH: Watford 2-1 Leicester, Premier League, SaturdayINCIDENT: Danny Drinkwaters apparent elbow on Valon Behrami Watch the incident involving Danny Drinkwater and Valon Behrami SCENARIO: Behrami goes down off the ball after an apparent elbow by Drinkwater but the referee appears not to see it.DERMOTS VERDICT: Drinkwater likely to face retrospective action.DERMOT SAYS: Its obviously not seen by the referee and I think this is quite blatant. The referee is following the ball and you have to presume he didnt see the actual incident. If you see that as a referee, you are sending him off. Nobody can argue with that because the pictures are quite damning.MATCH: Southampton 0-0 Liverpool, Premier League, SaturdayINCIDENT: Virgil van Dijks shirt pull on Roberto Firmino Take a closer look at Virgil van Dijks shirt pull on Roberto Firmino SCENARIO: Van Dijk pulls Firminos shirt as the Liverpool forward approaches the Southampton penalty area, but referee Mark Clattenburg waves away Firminos appeal.DERMOTS VERDICT: Van Dijk should have been penalised.DERMOT SAYS: This is a tough call for the referee because its difficult to determine whether its inside or outside the penalty area. It happens so fast. If its outside the penalty area, its a red card and a free kick. If its inside, its a penalty and a yellow card. Its tough for Mark because Van Dijks body actually shields the offence. It was not an easy one and Im still not sure whether its inside or outside even now.Upgrade to Sky Sports now and get 12 months half price. Hurry, offer ends December 4th! Also See: Premier League grades How unlucky are Man Utd? PL contenders highs and lows Premier League hotlist Saucony Saldi . The Toronto Argonauts signed the veteran linebacker to a three-year deal Tuesday, hours after the start of CFL free agency. Air Jordan 1 Scontate . Ashton scored a hat trick -- giving him 13 goals in 16 AHL games this season -- to power the Toronto Marlies to a 5-2 victory over the visiting Lake Erie Monsters in AHL action on Sunday. http://www.scontatescarpenikeoutlet.it/italia-air-max-plus-offerte.html .com) - The Chicago Cubs reportedly signed recently-acquired outfielder Dexter Fowler to a one-year contract on Friday, avoiding arbitration. Scarpe Nike Scontate .com) - Delon Wright scored 17 points and No. Air Max 95 Italia . The closer wasnt available. The road trip, a disaster to that point.An independent arbitrator has finally ruled on Alex Rodriguezs appeal, reducing his suspension from 211 games to 162 for his involvement in Major League Baseballs Biogenesis scandal. A-Rod is also disqualified from any post-season play. So at the tender age of 38, he will miss all of next season. As a result of missing the coming season, hes also out $25 million (which coincidentally is my hourly rate). This brings the arbitration process to a close. This case, however, is far from over. Still some track to cover. Who was the arbitrator? His name is Fredric Horowitz, hes 64 years old and specializes in labour and employment arbitration. After MLB fired arbitrator Shyam Das when he overturned Ryan Brauns suspension, Horowitz was hired to replace him and handle these types of grievances. Hes been a full time arbitrator since 1988. Who won the appeal? This is a win for MLB. A big win. While the suspension was reduced by 49 games, this should not be seen as a failure for baseball. A substantial part of the suspension was preserved (about 75per cent). So while we saw a reduction, MLB ultimately got its wish: A-Rod is gone for all of next season. As well, based on past arbitration cases and MLBs Drug Policy, it could have been worse for MLB. Historically, arbitrators dont like to see punishments or sanctions that seem to be a dramatic departure from the existing rules and policies at play. So are you saying that A-Rods suspension could have been reduced by a lot more? Yes. The collectively bargained Drug Policy provides for a 50 game suspension for a first time offender like him, and as a result his 211 game suspension may have been found to have been not only excessive and heavy-handed, but also not in keeping with the Drug Policy. The Drug Policy calls for a specific punishment for a first time offender, and that punishment was ignored in favour of a far longer suspension. If that argument got any traction, the arbitrator could have reduced the suspension by many more games. So why didnt the arbitrator reduce the suspension by more games? He was convinced that a substantial suspension was warranted. Based upon what we know about this case, MLB argued that A-Rod had engaged in an extensive and continuous pattern of PED use since at least 2010. He also has a long standing relationship with Biogenesis founder Tony Bosch that dates back to 2009. MLB also alleged that A-Rod obstructed its investigation, tampered with witnesses and generally interfered with its attempt to get to the truth. MLB has also suggested that A-Rod may have also recruited players to Biogenesis. Ultimately, his pervasivve and wide ranging pattern of wrongdoings was not only contrary to the Drug Policy, but also the MLBs Basic Agreement, which allows baseball to discipline a player for conduct detrimental to the game.dddddddddddd So given these various factors, A-Rods suspension was reasonable in the eyes of the arbitrator. So all of these elements conspired to result in only a modest reduction in the suspension. Was this ruling predictable? Yes. A reduction was in order but nothing earth shattering. So whats next for A-Rod? Hes says hes going to challenge the decision in Court. A-Rod filed his lawsuit against the league (and also personally against Commissioner Bud Selig) months ago in anticipation of being in a position to challenge the whole Biogenesis investigation and suspension. The first thing he does is ask a judge to put the suspension aside until such time that the case is decided in a court of law (which could take years thereby allowing A-Rod to play out his contract). A-Rod is unlikely to be successful with this request since this type of relief is only awarded in very special circumstances; and this isnt one such case on its face. Horowitz is a seasoned and respected arbitrator, and a court will defer to him. Right now, MLB is trying to have the case kicked out of Court, while A-Rod wants it moved to state court. It would be a surprise to see a judge kick the case out of court completely; still A-Rod faces challenges. Enough Jibber Jabber. Can A-Rod win in Court? Probably not. Heres your bottom line: judges are very reluctant to overturn arbitrators unless their decisions are off the wall. The reasoning is this: arbitrators are specialists on the issues they rule on and judges are not in a better position to decide these cases. Also, judges want people to respect arbitration and take it seriously. If they didnt, the lines at the court house would be a lot longer. Apart from being a partner at a law firm, Im also an arbitrator. When Im making my rulings, I know that unless Im totally out in left field, my decision will stand if challenged in court. So A-Rod has a real uphill battle ahead of him. The likelihood of success seems low. However, A-Rod may still pursue it and this could go on for years. Anything else I should know about? One small thing: Federal law enforcement officials are investigating Biogenesis raising the possibility of criminal charges. If that happens, expect the feds to have A-Rod testify under oath. At that point, he would be advised that he needs to tell the truth, failing which he could face perjury charges. This is quite the mess. Yep. ' ' '

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